Astronaut Scott Kelly Shows Off The First Flower Grown In Space

Behold, The First Flower Grown In Space!

Astronaut Scott Kelly is a man of many talents - not least one of the foremost orbiting photographers the International Space Station Commander is also something of a keen gardener.

The NASA astronaut has successfully produced the first flower grown in space:

Kelly took over as the main carer for the station's collection of zinnias which had been struggling to stay alive for almost a year. With the plants suffering from an overabundance of liquid consumption some of the zinnias had even started to develop mould.

The commander decided enough was enough and so announced that he would 'channel my inner Mark Watney' and throw out the rulebook.

Kelly disregarded NASA's official watering schedule and instead decided to water the plants based on when he felt they needed it. Soon after it became clear that the commander had the gift of the green fingers.


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