Nicole Arbour Slams Ashley Graham's Sports Illustrated Cover In Controversial Video 'Dear Fat People 2'

Last year comedian Nicole Arbour sparked outrage when she uploaded a video to YouTube stating: "Fat-shaming is not a thing. Fat people made that up."

Now, she's back with yet more controversial comments.

In a video titled 'Dear Fat People 2: The Second Helping', the 30-year-old comments on Ashley's Graham's recent Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue cover.

"When I saw today that the Sport's Illustrated swimsuit issue was featuring a plus size model I was like 'what 'da f*ck?'" Arbour says.

"Is she pretty? Totally. But Sports Illustrated swimsuit models are the mecca of physical perfection when it comes to modelling."

Nicole Arbour

In the video Arbour goes on to accuse the magazine of digitally editing Graham, saying: "She's representing real woman and natural curves and a natural body, but she's Photoshopped to f*ck in all her photos."

Graham has previously denied accusations she was Photoshopped for the cover, saying: "They [Sports Illustrated editors] did not retouch me. They did not take out things. They didn’t reshape my body in any way, shape or form."

Ashley Graham on the cover of Sports Illustrated

According to Arbour, Graham's cover was merely a publicity stunt for the magazine.

"Clearly Sports Illustrated put her in because it would cause a controversy and people like me would talk about it," she says in the video.

"If any of the other models showed up looking like her, they'd be fired.

"How the f*ck is that fair? The truth is if she worked out a little bit more, she wouldn't be plus size any more, which means she can't sell shit to plus size women who've turned her into their hero. So to make money, she's keeping the weight on."

Unsurprisingly, Arbour's latest video has sparked outrage on social media:

Responding to the video, Graham told E! News: "I am not an advocate for bulimia, anorexia or obesity but I am an advocate for women and empowering women and making sure that women around me feel comfortable and confident. That is not something she is about.

"I really did not like the video at all, but you know what it's doing? It's giving the curvy girls more publicity. It's saying, 'Hey curvy girls you actually are sexy.'"

On Tuesday, Graham also posted a video of herself working out on Instagram, along with the caption: "I am strong. I am powerful. I am bold. My body is capable to do more than I think I can. I will always push myself to greater heights. I respect the skin I am in. I workout because I love my body, not because I hate it."

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