fat shaming

Richard Curtis was previously criticised for the lack of same-sex relationships and racial diversity in his films.
Osbourne, who gave birth to her son earlier this year, explained why she “hid” for nine months when a follower asked if she had used a surrogate.
Can we please stop fat-shaming people in the name of health now?
“I saw a lot of things I didn’t want to see. I read hurtful words that triggered a lot of deep feelings today."
One doesn’t have to be a public figure to be subjected to the kind of hatred or scrutiny Holliday has experienced.
While I would never call someone else a “fat bitch,” I had been calling myself one most of my life.
The president insulted a protester's body at his New Hampshire rally. Moments later, he claimed his campaign was all about love.
The comedian was described as "unapologetically hefty" in a Norwich Evening News piece.
I was given an opportunity to embrace layers of myself by transforming my body into art and allowing it to be free.