SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon To Battle Alien Invasion In BBC Radio Drama Debut


She has been dubbed the "Queen of Scots" and ensured the SNP will dominate Holyrood for years, but Nicola Sturgeon now faces the greatest test yet of her abilities as a premier.

The First Minister will take control of the UK and lead it in a battle against aliens, who have invaded the country and toppled both David Cameron's government and Westminster.

No it's not June 24, the day after Britain votes on whether to leave the European Union, but rather the plot of a new BBC Radio 4 play featuring Sturgeon, in which she will play herself.

Sturgeon, not the Kraken

Her appearance will be in a modern re-telling of John Wyndham's classic 1953 apocalyptic novel 'The Kraken Wakes', which has been adapted by the Scottish crime writer Val McDermid.

The dramatist publicly backed a 'Yes' vote in the run-up to 2014’s independence referendum and Sturgeon is known to be a fan of her work.

“I’ll leave it to others to guess if fending off creatures from outer space was any easier than dealing with some of my political opponents,” she told The Herald newspaper.

The new face of our national Parliament?

“I’m well used to being in a radio studio but this was a bit different. I doubt I’ll be moving into theatre any time soon."

The up-coming two-part drama stars a couple on a cruise when they see strange lights falling out of the sky and into the sea.

They discover the lights are in fact aliens who are invading Earth and trying to manipulate its environment by raising sea levels.

But Sturgeon taking to the air-waves will not be the only time Scotland's First Minister has made a foray into broadcast fiction.

Her predecessor Alex Salmond famously appeared as a ghost in a Pakistani soap opera called The Castle.