26/02/2016 05:36 GMT | Updated 26/02/2016 05:59 GMT

Alan Rusbridger Tells Oxford Students Off For Leaking Pictures Of Celebrities

PA/PA Wire
File photo dated 22/03/13 of Alan Rusbridger , the former editor of The Guardian

Alan Rusbridger, former Guardian editor and now principal of an Oxford University college, has given students a ticking off for posting pictures of celebrities on social media.

The ex-journalist, who heads up Lady Margaret Hall, sent a letter to his students remonstrating them for taking a picture of Emma Watson. Rusbridger recently appointed the Harry Potter actress a "visiting fellow", along with Benedict Cumberbatch and Pet Shop Boys singer Neil Tennant.

"I showed her the library," he wrote in the letter. "A student evidently took a sneak picture of her, which is now on Twitter.

"I can’t think of anything more guaranteed to undermine the programme of visiting fellows than our students refusing to respect the privacy of our guests.

"Emma is keen to have contact with students and has imaginative plans for engaging with LMH. But it simply won’t work if our students behave in this way."

Rusbridger then told the offending student to remove the picture from Twitter, the Daily Mail reports, reminding students of their "basic courtesy" they owe to visiting fellows.

During his time at the Guardian, Rusbridger controversially published leaked information about British spies.