Mars And Snickers Bars Recalled From Lidl Over Plastic Contamination Fears

If You've Bought Mars Or Snickers Bars From Lidl, You Need To Read This

Lidl is recalling Mars and Snickers chocolate bars sold from its UK stores over fears that they may contain pieces of plastic.

The supermarket chain is recalling Mars six-pack chocolate bars and Snickers six-pack chocolate bars over the possibility they may have been contaminated by a factory in Germany.

Mars and Snickers bars are being recalled over fears they may contain pieces of plastic

Earlier this week, food giant Mars widened a recall of products to 55 countries after a piece of plastic was found in the food.

Eline Bijveld, Mars corporate affairs coordinator for the Netherlands, said on Tuesday: "As far as we know there are 55 countries involved."

Lidl's recall concerns only the products below with the following best before dates:

Mars Chocolate Bars six-pack (270g)

Best before: 04.09.16 / 25.09.16 / 09.10.16 / 16.10.16

Snickers Chocolate Bars six-pack (300g)

Best before: 10.07.16 / 24.07.16

The initial issue was restricted to Germany, however a company spokesman said on Tuesday the recall would be extended to most of Europe, including the UK, France, Belgium, Italy and Spain.

In Britain, the recall includes boxes of Celebrations, Mars Funsize, Milky Way Funsize and Snickers Miniatures.

Lidl is recalling Mars and Snickers products

"The affected bars were produced in the Netherlands and from there ... distributed to several European countries," said Mars Germany's spokesman Raoul Hamacher.

A piece of red plastic was found in a Snickers Bar in Germany earlier this year, part of a protective cover used in its production plant in Veghel.

"We are currently investigating exactly what’s happened, but we cannot be sure that this red piece of plastic isn’t in any other of our products from the same production line," Bijveld said.

Mars has described it as an "isolated" incident, warning that no other varieties of chocolate, pack formats or bar sizes are affected in Lidl UK and no other best before dates are impacted.

Full list of products recalled in the UK:

Product - Type (code) - Best before date

Mars Funsize - Fun size bag 250g (AV39F) - 11/09/16 to 02/10/16

Milky Way Funsize - Fun size bag 227g (AV39J) - 02/10/16

Variety Funsize - Family Favourites (AV33W) - 29/05/16 to 14/08/16

Variety Funsize - Party Mix (AV33T) - 15/05/16 to 07/08/16

Celebrations - 388g box (AJ46N) - 08/05/16 to 28/08/16

Celebrations - 245g (AJ46R) - 08/05/16 to 28/08/16

For Retail customers only

Snickers Miniature - 2.5kg catering case (YF413) - 07/08/16 to 14/08/16

A Mars Netherlands spokesperson said earlier this week: "We do not want any products on the market that may not meet our quality requirements, so we decided to take them all back."

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