Incredible Life Hack Video Shows How To Remove Pen From Walls In Seconds

Genius Trick For Removing Pen From Walls

There's nothing worse than walking into a room and finding your little darling has had a party with pens - on your newly-painted white wall.

For those who have been unlucky enough to experience this first-hand, you definitely need to get a load of this amazing life hack.

The video above shows a person spraying hairspray onto a white wall which has pen scribbled on it. They then wipe the wall with a damp cloth and the pen comes straight off.

According to the Mail Online, the clever hack was shared on a Facebook group for mums.

The mum who shared it wrote: "I just posted about getting permanent text off the wall and a lovely lady said hair spray!! Well thank you coz it worked wonders [sic]. WOW!!"

We don't know about you, but we're totally impressed.

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