26/02/2016 06:06 GMT | Updated 26/02/2016 06:59 GMT

This Student Is Going To Legally Change His Name To Jack Dawson If Leonardo DiCaprio Doesn't Win An Oscar

Anthony Harvey via Getty Images
Leonardo DiCaprio attends the EE British Academy Film Awards at The Royal Opera House

We all want Leo to win an Oscar.

But no-one is backing the Revenant star as much as student William Lloyd, who previously achieved internet fame after blogging about why he doesn't like going down on women.

In a blog for his student paper, Lloyd writes: "And as I watched our idol, four times nominated for an Oscar, never a winner, and now nominated for a fifth, I realised two things.

"One: Leo does not lack The Wound. He has suffered and bled for his art.

"Two: If he doesn’t win this time – the time he deserves it more than any other times previously – I will have to do something drastic, as drastic as The Revenant, to show solidarity with him. And then it struck me.

"If Leo doesn’t win the Oscar this weekend, I will legally change my name to Jack Dawson.

"Why Jack Dawson? Because that’s the move, the moment, when Leo went from some guy in a film called Gilbert Grape or whatever, to a supernova, to the man Buzzfeed once described as 'an entire generation’s sexual awakening'."

Well Will Lloyd, there's no backing down now..