Delivery Driver Leaves Parcel Under The Mat As Instructed, Doesn't Quite Work

Most delivery drivers make the news for tales of broken good or parcels flung onto roofs.

So it's nice to see at least one has followed a customer request to the letter...

The post is captioned: "I'm just here to serve the customer."

Well, he's not wrong.

It's not known what was inside the parcel but unless it's a mistakenly ordered novelty-size version of something then this customer only has themselves to blame.

It could be much worse. Last week a Tesco delivery man allegedly wrote "Dear Mr and Mrs I can't be arsed to go to the shop" on a note passed through the door of a chronically-ill woman.

Beth Lloyd, from West Sussex, lashed out at the note, explaining that she is "physically unable to do a supermarket shop".

The disabled mother of three had mistakenly booked the delivery too early and didn't hear the driver at the door.