01/03/2016 10:57 GMT | Updated 01/03/2016 10:59 GMT

Google Maps Adds 'Pit Stop' Feature To iOS

Google Maps has finally added its 'Pit Stop' feature to iOS, allowing iPhone users to take a toilet breaks without ever leaving the navigation mode.

The update, which rolled out on Monday, has been available on Android since October last year.

Now iPhone users can also enjoy the same privileges simply by tapping on the magnifying glass at the top right hand corner.

The app will then give you a menu of places you may want to stop at. Alternatively, if you have a specific pit stop in mind you can add it in using the search function, which also works with voice command.


Each batch of search results will include ratings and the estimated time the detour will take.

Google announced the changes, saying: "Whether you're running an errand in your own backyard or road-tripping through a foreign land, Google Maps helps you get where you’re going, even if you have to make some stops along the way."