'The Chase' Contestant, Elaine, Dubbed 'Most Selfish Ever' For Taking Minus £7,000 Offer


A contestant on 'The Chase' has been dubbed the most selfish ever after reducing her teammate's winning pot by £7,000.

Elaine bottled an offer from chaser Mark Labbett aka 'The Beast' to play for a record-breaking £67,000.

The pot was already at £33,000 after a storming but risky round by her teammate Nigel.

Elaine and host Bradley Walsh

Rather than monopolise on the winning streak, she instead took the safe option of taking a step away from Labbett with an offer of minus £7,000.

Her decision drew boos from the audience. Even host Bradley Walsh was disappointed saying: "It's the only time in the show I say I hope you don't romp home."

Elaine then went on to do just that getting only one question wrong.

Viewers were far from impressed.

Unfortunately - or fortunately depending on your sympathies - Elaine and Nigel were caught by The Beast in the last round and went home with nothing.

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