Oscars Presenter's Dress Went Viral For Looking Like A Vagina

Another Dress Has Gone Viral For Looking Like A Vagina

When Australian TV presenter Edwina Bartholomew attended the 2016 Oscars to cover the red carpet, she had no idea her outfit would be the fashion moment on everyone's lips.

More specifically, it was the 'silk gazar sculptured detail' on the ice blue Rachel Gilbert dress that got people talking.

Because they thought it looked like a vagina.

In what is now known as 'vajayjaygate', hundreds of people took to social media to comment on the dress, causing ‘the vagina dress’ to trend at the top of Google in Australia overnight.

"Nice but why is there a uterus on your dress?" one person wrote on her Instagram page. "Lose the Vajayjay and it would have been perfect," another added.

Luckily, Bartholomew and her boyfriend also saw the funny side...

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