02/03/2016 05:50 GMT | Updated 02/03/2016 05:59 GMT

Woman Proposes To Boyfriend By Sending Him On An Epic Adventure

A woman has proposed to her boyfriend in the most wonderful way...

With a treasure hunt taking him to all of their favourite places. N'aww.


The thoughtful lady sent Reddit user Danth3real on an adventure across town with a trail of clues leading from restaurants, to petrol stations, to schools.

Danth3real tracked the clues which, more often than not, alluded to a special memory the couple shared.

And he even managed to grab a quarter pounder on the way. (Because, let's face it, chasing clues is hungry work.)

Click through the slideshow to see all of the clues...

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After a fair bit of detective work, Danth3real discovered the final clue, which read: "Finally! We're at number ten, your very last clue. It's where we'd smoke between our classes and where I remember meeting you!"

At the end of the hunt, his girlfriend was waiting for him down on one knee in a clearing near to their old school.

The lucky man explained that his partner had taken advantage of this year's leap day on 29 February to carry out the proposal.

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