EU Referendum 'In' Campaign Launch New Attack Advert Targeting Brexit Unknowns

New Pro-EU Attack Advert Targets Brexit Unknowns

The campaign for Britain to remain inside the European Union has launched a fresh attack advert today, hammering home the idea that Brexit would be a leap into the unknown.

One of the main messages being pushed by the 'In' camp is the notion that those advocating a 'Leave' vote in the referendum can not tell voters what Brexit would actually look like.

The advert, produced by the Britain Stronger In Europe campaign group, begins with a clip of BBC interviewer Andrew Neil asking "what would Britain's position be outside the EU?"

A series of prominent 'Out' campaigners including Nigel Farage, Douglas Carswell, Kate Hoey and Liam Fox are then shown umm-ing and ahh-ing, unable to answer the question.

The targets of the advert will likely complain they have been taken out of context, given it is not made clear what question each of them is actually responding to.

Commenting on the video's release, James McGrory, Chief Campaign Spokesman, said the "light-hearted" video makes "a very serious point".

"The Leave campaigns have repeatedly failed to spell out what leaving the EU would mean for Britain – because they have no idea themselves. It is a leap into the dark that we simply can't afford to take," he said.

"Being In the EU means more jobs, more trade and lower prices in the shops for families up and down the country. Leaving, especially when we have no idea what model Britain would take if it did leave, would put all of that at risk.

"With the prime minister having secured reform in Europe, we know exactly what In means. We're calling on the Leave campaigns to stop umm-ing and ah-ing and finally come clean with the public about what Out would look like."

Andrew Neil can hit both ways however. Yesterday the Daily Politics presenter gave Conservative minister Matthew Hancock a roughing up over his defence of Britain's EU membership.

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