04/03/2016 05:41 GMT | Updated 04/03/2016 05:59 GMT

UK Weather: Snow Falls In The North As The South Looks On Enviously

The North is better than the South for a number of reasons - the landscapes, the people and not to mention the affordability of a house/pint/hot meal.

(DISCLAIMER: This writer is from Alnwick.)

And on Friday it became very apparent that they also do one other thing in a far superior manner - snow.

This was the South this morning...

While this was the North...

Yeah, you can stick your bright sunshine, the North will enjoy it during the allotted three weeks in August when the rainclouds finally disappear.

Sure, the white dusting may have come a little later than we'd hoped but it just makes everything so much prettier.

But amongst all this there is the need for a bit of caution a these video show.

The Met Office yellow warnings cover snow and ice and warn of difficult driving conditions and the likelihood of travel disruption as a result, reports Press Association.

By the early hours of Friday just over an inch had fallen across high ground in northern England.

Similar snowfall was recorded at Leek in Staffordshire and Shap in Cumbria, and several A roads were closed over the high Pennines in south Yorkshire.

Leeds Bradford Airport was earlier forced to close as crews worked to clear the runway, after 5cm of snow fell overnight.

Flights resumed at 9am, but further delays were expected.

A spokesman said: "There are a number of delays which will be cleared by mid-morning. From our perspective the airport is now open for business."

Strong, north-easterly winds and wintry showers in many places will ensure temperatures remain below normal at least until the middle of next week, the Met Office said.