07/03/2016 09:05 GMT | Updated 07/03/2016 10:59 GMT

'BBC Breakfast' Cameramen Fail To Realise A Foggy Lens Can Be Easily Wiped With A Hankie, After Live Fail

BBC Breakfast’ cameramen may be able to operate some pretty impressive technology, but throw some fog into the works and they hit a stumbling block.


The camera operators seemingly had no idea how to fix the problem of a misted-up lens as the show broadcast a segment from Chester zoo on Monday (7 March) morning.

The production team didn’t seem to mind that viewers were left unable to see what was happening on the show, while presenter Steph McGovern met some of the animals.

'BBC Breakfast' aired a camera fail on Monday

Steph explained that the camera had experienced trouble “acclimatising” to the conditions, but it didn’t occur to any members of the production team that the circle could have just been wiped off with a hankie.

No-one thought to wipe the fog off with a hanky

While it was only on-screen for a few minutes, the mishap left viewers agitated, as they were unable to see what was going on, with many taking to Twitter to blast the coverage of the item.

However, it wasn't the only mishap that happened on Monday’s show, as the programme also broadcast a segment on the all-female Yorkshire Rows, and one inadvertently revealed a bit more than intended.

During a clip of the rowing four at sea, the camera panned down and briefly showed one talented oarswoman Helen Butters naked from the waist down.

‘BBC Breakfast’ airs daily from 6am on BBC One and BBC News.

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