Abandoned Puppy Who Was Rescued From A Fire Becomes Firefighter Service Dog

Please note: This article contains an image of a puppy who has sustained burns, which some readers may find distressing

A dog who nearly died in a fire when he was a puppy now spends his days saving people and animals from burning buildings.

When Jake was just three-weeks-old he was found trapped in a burning shed by firefighter Bill Lindler.

Thankfully, Lindler pulled out the pup just in time, but he still suffered burns to 75% of his body, including his paw pads.

"I noticed there was some smoke coming from my neighbour’s yard. The residents were yelling their puppy was in the building," Lindler told BoredPanda.

"I ran back into my house, grabbed some firefighting gear and ran across the street."

Lindler says Jake's original owners abandoned him after the incident, so the firefighter adopted the puppy and nursed him back to health.

Following the dramatic rescue, Lindler contacted the vet to hear an update on Jake's progress.

"The vet informed me that…the family had abandoned him at the office," he said.

Lindler and his friends at Hanahan Fire Department, South Carolina, took the pooch under their wing and in December he became an official member of the fire department.

The firefighters are now training Jake to become a specialist arson detection dog, so he can help other animals like him.

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