Kill The Housing Bill Demonstration Attracts Thousands Of Supporters In London

Thousands of people took to the streets in London on Sunday to demonstrate against the Government's Housing and Planning Bill, which could see council tenants forced to move out of their homes due to sharp rises in their rent.

The bill will require councils to change how they bill tenants with a combined income of more than £30,000 and £40,000 in London. Critics say that it will make rent and house prices soar, destroying council and social housing.

Demonstrators met at midday on Sunday in Lincoln's Inn Fields, in London, in a march of solidarity against David Cameron's controversial bill.

Protesters carried banners and placards reading "Anti-social housing policy from the House of Ill Repute", "Kill the Housing Bill" and "You're heartless, We're Homeless" as they passed the Houses of Parliament.

Among the protesters was a teacher living in Islington who told the Press Association that the bill makes her feel like a second class citizen.

Camilla, who did not want to give her surname, said even though she is a professional, she worries about not being able to afford high rents.

The 39-year-old said: "It makes you feel like a second class citizen based on the fact that you don't earn a six-figure salary. And because of that you don't deserve a safe home.

"It makes it very hard to focus on your job and your relationships and anything else in your life because you're constantly worried about where you're going to be for the next six months."

Politicians Natalie Bennett and Diane Abbott were among the thousands protesting today.

A spokesperson for the Kill the Housing Bill campaign said: “The Tories’ Housing Bill aims to destroy council housing, and will hit everyone on low or middle incomes trying to rent or buy.

“It condemns millions to a lifetime of insecure, expensive private renting. Everyone deserves a decent home, but landlords, developers and the rich will be the only ones to benefit from this bill.”

The government has defended the bill.

Housing Minister Brandon Lewis told Sky News: “Once you get above £30,000 which is the median income, we will taper so people who are earning just above £30,000 will only be paying a few pounds more.

“There will be a taper. We will be outlining the details of that in the weeks ahead with people in the sector to make sure we get that right.

“But there are tens of thousands of people earning over £50,000 a year and we think it is right and fair that they pay their fair way.”