Paul Daniels Dead: Watch Again His Best Ever Tricks - Can You Tell How He Did Them?

Paul Daniels' 10 Best Magic Tricks - Can You Spot How He Did Them?

Paul Daniels made it look easy on TV, but he was a tireless practitioner of the discipline of magic, who spent thousands of hours perfecting his sleight of hand and the art of distraction.

His TV show ran on the BBC for 15 years - at the height of his success he was performing to millions, and fooling us in front of our eyes. And we never heard how he did it - one of the golden rules of the Magic Circle, of which he was a well-respected member, was never to give the game away.

And he was still performing magic, long after his show had finished. He was on tour as recently as a few months ago, proving his undimmed enthusiasm for tricking us, and entertaining us, while he was about it.


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