Paul Daniels Dead: Was This The Popular Magician's Best Ever Trick? (VIDEO)

Was This Paul Daniels' Best Magic Trick Ever?

Paul Daniels was one of a kind - a hardworking entertainer who made his discipline of magic look effortless in front of an audience of millions.

Two of the most popular parts of the show, which also featured Paul's wife, the lovely Debbie McGee, were the Bunko Booth and 'Under Laboratory Conditions'. In the first, he exposed the confidence tricks of street charlatans. In the latter, he made it his mission to reproduce the kind of results that had always impressed researchers of the paranormal. He didn't want audiences to be conned by those pretending to be the conduits of some higher art. Instead, as he would always remind us, it was magic.

One of his very best tricks was particularly impressive, not because he foiled us once again with his card trickery, but because he was also having to deal with some very unpredictable chimpanzees, and incorporate them into his routine...


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