Man Trapped In Compost Bin In Hilarious Video

This Man Got Trapped In A Compost Bin And His Family Threatened Him With Lube

When you think of gardening mishaps you think of saws, shears and lawnmowers, not the humble garden bin.

But an Englishman, believed to be called Fred, has managed to fall into a compost bin and become trapped.

His family are in fits of laughter as they try to free him after discovering he has been stuck for five minutes. He explains that he stood on it to reach the roof of his shed, but he fell through.

"We're going to have to lubricate you!" calls out one of the men in hysterics.

After failing to pull the bin up over his head he decides to move to the grass but the sight of him waddling to the grass with the bin hitched up like a skirt is too much for one woman who, in between giggles, says he looks like a dalek.

He convinces two of the men to hold his arms and they gently lower him downwards.

Then, to further laughter, they decide to roll him along the lawn.

As he starts to wiggle free from the bin, one of the men jokes, "He looks like Dom Joly".

The video ends before we see him fully escape from the bin - but that's definitely a garden experience he won't forget.


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