25/11/2016 13:31 GMT | Updated 25/11/2016 13:39 GMT

Here Is A Goat Wearing A Duck Suit. You're Welcome.

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Meet Polly the goat.

She lives in a rescue centre called Goats of Anarchy, run by Leanne Lauricella. According to The Dodo, she's inseparable from her duck suit.

"Polly is a baby goat with serious medical issues. She's blind, has neurological problems that affect her eating ability and is severely underweight for her age. She also suffers from anxiety," The Dodo said. She flies into a panic everytime she can't find Lauricella.

"She'll find a corner of a wall in the house, and she'll just start sucking on the wall," Lauricella told The Dodo. "So all the corners in our house have these little suck marks from her mouth."

When Lauricella saw the duck suit in a shop, she bought it for her goats because what kind of monster wouldn't buy a duck suit for a baby goat?!?!!!?!

Except the suit had the effect of calming Polly down. It seems it has the same calming properties as a swaddling blanket for a baby. She also has pig and fox costumes, but the duck one is definitely her favourite.

I'm not crying, you're crying!

Polly still can't decide what she wants to be for Halloween, but she wanted to try dressing like her brother Piney

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