10/03/2017 11:21 GMT | Updated 10/03/2017 11:25 GMT

US Congresswoman Maxine Waters Thinks The Trump Sextape Blackmail Allegations Are 'Absolutely True'

And 'impeachment will be necessary' once a thorough investigation has been done, she said.

Jonathan Alcorn / Reuters
U.S. Congresswoman Maxine Waters

US Congresswoman Maxine Waters has no time for the Trump administration shenanigans. And she believes that it is absolutely true that US President Donald Trump is being blackmailed with a sextape by the Russian government.

"We already know about the part about the coverage they have on him with sex actions is supposed to be true. They have said that's absolutely true, some other things they kind of allude to," she said in an interview with MSNBC.

She was referring to a dossier leaked to Buzzfeed News last year which claimed that the Russians had compromising sexual and financial information on Trump. When asked for evidence of her claim, she said that a proper investigation was needed.

"You understand that I am saying the investigations must be done, the drilling down must be done. We must get to the facts of what it has been about. I don't think you can do the impeachment just because I think or others think. But I think if we do the investigations, that we will find the connections and I do think that impeachment will be necessary," Waters said.

The US representative from California's 43rd district has demonstrated a caustic attitude towards Trump, and the failures of the FBI to properly investigate the allegations surrounding him. When questioned by the press following a classified briefing by FBI director James Comey, she replied, "No, it's classified and we can't tell you anything. All I can tell you is the FBI director has no credibility."