The Recipe For The Perfect Family Easter Egg Hunt

3 children in garden with Easter eggs Pascal Broze via Getty Images
3 children in garden with Easter eggs Pascal Broze via Getty Images

Want to serve up a magical Easter for your family packed with fun and treats? We’ve got all the ingredients for a happy Easter Sunday.

You will need to...

Make your Easter baskets

Ramp up the excitement by spending some time with your children making their individual Easter baskets to collect their goodies on Easter Sunday. The Cadbury Easter hunt pack includes step-by-step instructions on how children can make Easter baskets by cutting out the bottom of cereal boxes, cutting and stapling cardboard handles and decorating with their favourite colours and patterns . Simply click and download.

While you’re at it, why not festoon your home in homemade Easter decorations too.

Pick your eggs

Before the big day, choose chocolate Easter treats to suit your children’s ages. Younger children will need easy-to-spot brightly coloured eggs, while older children might enjoy the trail effect of smaller eggs leading to a big treat shell egg.

The Cadbury Egg Hunt Pack contains 10 Cadbury Dairy Milk eggs with flower and bunny decorated foil while the Cadbury Easter Bundle is an egg-stravaganza of five different treats.

Little treats include mini Creme Eggs, Easter bunnies and the classic Mini Eggs (perfect for indoor hunts). Medium treats include Egg n Spoon Oreo and the Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons Chick, while for a big treat you can choose from shell eggs packed with deliciousness like Cadbury Dairy Milk Freddo Faces.

Hide the Easter eggs

Bring your children indoors and check no one’s peeking before you place the eggs in their hidey holes. Depending on your children’s age and just how rushed off your feet you are, your Easter egg hunt can be a simple scattering of eggs around the garden or more complicated hiding places, perhaps with picture or rhyme clues or a treasure hunt map to crack.

To add some exciting sprinkles to your egg hunt, you can print off fun signs, Easter bunny footprints to follow to the treats and word clues here.

Don’t despair if the weather means you have to hold the hunt inside as there are lots of places that make suitable spots for eggs - inside shoes, in the washing machine and behind cushions, to name just a few.

If the sun is shining, it can be fun to hold your Easter egg hunt in a local park with a group of friends with similar age children. You’ll have more space for a run-around - and fewer little feet on your flowers.

Play fair

To avoid a scramble-and-scoff, it’s a good idea to set some basic rules. If a mixed age group are hunting together then all eggs will be divvied up fairly once found, for example. Alternatively, you could colour code eggs for different age groups or put two zones in the garden. It’s also worth deciding if you think children should eat a few choice eggs and keep the rest for another day.

And gooooo!

It’s a lovely sight watching children sprint around, peering into increasingly obscure places to find their Easter treats. Younger children may need a helping hand - it’s amazing how they can fail to spot the bright foil-wrapped egg right in front of them. Remember to take lots of pics of your children’s happy faces. Oh, and keep a mental note of where all the eggs are hidden if you don’t want to be collecting leftovers for weeks after.

After your amazing Easter egg hunt

Leave some room for a delicious Easter lunch with friends and family. Perhaps a traditional leg of lamb with mint sauce? Mix together all these ingredients and you’ll have a fail-safe recipe for the perfect Easter Sunday.

Happy Easter!

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