19/08/2017 08:29 BST | Updated 02/10/2017 11:20 BST

Best Of The Blogs 19 August: The Blogs You Should Be Reading Right Now

Catch up on some of this week's best blogs.

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1. Is Trump To Blame For The Rise In Support For Hate Groups In The U.S? Most Probably

Far-right protests in Charlottesville, VA, caused outrage in the U.S. and across the world last weekend. U.S. statespersons called it "an act of domestic terrorism". When President Donald Trump failed to condemn white nationalists specifically, however, the furore grew more intense. Read more.

2. The National Assembly's Persistent Inaction On Nkandla Is Unconstitutional

Days before the DA's motion of no confidence in President Jacob Zuma failed –- once again –- opposition parties applied to the Constitutional Court –- once again –- in another bid to remove him from the Union Buildings. Led by the EFF, these parties want the president to be impeached, as set out in Section 89 of the Constitution. Read more.

3. Amnesty International: The NPA Owes It To The Affected Families To Prosecute Those Responsible For The Marikana Massacre

Five years ago 34 miners, mostly employed by Lonmin platinum mines, were shot dead by police in Marikana in a scene reminiscent of the apartheid era. Over 70 people were injured. To date, no-one has been prosecuted and there has been no compensation or reparations, writes Sheila Mohamed.

4. The Erasure Of Black Women In Activism Does Not Begin With Marikana

If one were to critically analyse the role that women have played in South Africa's history of activism, you will clearly note how this role has been extremely overlooked. Most of the history that is taught in South African schools does not provide any insight on the struggles that black women went through and most importantly, the resistance movements that they played a part in. Read more.

5. Here's What Consensual Sex Is And What It Isn't In Five Scenarios

The concept of "consent" is messy and confusing. And that's when you're sober and unaroused, now add sexual arousal, excitement and external stimulants and it's a struggle to work through the politics of consent. Placing all of this within a South African context of patriarchy is essential to you understanding consent. Read more.

6. Gambling Is Not Only A Man's Issue -- It's On The Rise Amongst Women As Well

Chances are that you consider problem gaming to be a "man's issue". But the reality is that as many as 51 percent of all South African women gamble; what's more, female problem gamblers are likely to be more severely affected by the condition. Read more.

7. 'The Rise Of Africa's Middle Class: Myths, Realities And Critical Engagements' -- An Extract

These days the African middle class is widely discussed as a phenomenon considered indicative of social change. Only a few years ago a handful of economists managed to initiate such a debate, which originally started outside of the continent in a more global context, writes Henning Melber.