There are scientific reasons you assume a sexy-voiced stranger on the phone is physically attractive.
The internet, despite its negatives, has become a popular space for the LGBTQ+ community to have a voice.
'The gist of the man's complaint is that he never knows when he will be interacting with the "traditional woman" or the "independent woman". '
'Despite the help from the lay health workers, there were still several challenges at the clinics.'
'The impact of going car-free goes well beyond decongesting the city.'
'Reform is clearly needed. All that’s in dispute is what it should look like.'
'The integration of man and machine in the workplace started by decreasing human labour, and eventually human labour will be replaced entirely.'
The onus is on the South African government to engage health workers about the benefits of exclusive breastfeeding for both HIV positive and HIV negative mothers.
'The term “fake news” has become ubiquitous over the past two years.'