07/09/2017 09:00 BST | Updated 07/09/2017 09:01 BST

Kenny Kunene Shooting -- There May Be Witnesses

A security guard and two homeless men may have seen the alleged attack.


A security guard at the scene of an alleged gun attack on businessman Kenny Kunene says he witnessed two men shooting at a car.

Kunene claimed that unknown gunmen opened fire on him after trying to push his BMW from the road in Waverley in Johannesburg on Tuesday night.

According to Times Live, Ellias Khuma, an office park security guard said he was doing his night checks on the property when he saw the shooters and heard the shots.

"I quickly went back inside and in a few minutes there were police on the scene," Khuma told the publication.

Times Live also reports that two homeless men said they also heard gunshots.

"I think about 15 bullets were shot. It was too hectic," said one of the men.

The eyewitness accounts come amidst doubts of Kunene's version of events.

Since the news broke on Wednesday, Twitter users poked holes into Kunene's story -- with some interrogating how he could have managed to count the number of shots while taking cover.