The suspect is also dead after being shot by officers.
Ten people were killed by a gunman at a Colorado supermarket. Police say the suspected shooter is in custody after the shooting at King Soopers that lead to multiple deaths including one officer.
Exclusive: Cabinet ministers were sent an agenda item titled "Exemption: hunting and shooting".
The gunman is seen on surveillance video walking up to the patrol car and firing through the passenger side window before running away.
The victim was airlifted to hospital with serious injuries, police said.
James Nash, who also served as a parish councillor, was described as a "kind-hearted individual" who "cared deeply for his community.”
Authorities are looking into the Greenville incident as possibly gang-related.
The standoff between protesters and police continued amid calls for the mayor's resignation.
The shootings appeared to be random and some of the victims didn’t seem to have known suspect Gabriel Wortman, said police.
The artist was reportedly rushed to an area hospital where he was pronounced dead.