19/09/2017 10:28 BST | Updated 19/09/2017 10:28 BST

Dear Mzansi Magic, Thank You So Much For Is'Thunzi Even Though It's Really A Lot

If Monday's episode left you emotional, you're not the only one.


South Africans agree that Mzansi Magic's drama series, "Is'thunzi" is one of the best things to have happened to our TV scenes.

When we were introduced to the show last year, we kind of sort of knew it was great, but we definitely had no idea how just how much drama we were in for -- until season 2 came along earlier this month.

Props to the writers and the cast, every week on a Monday night, we don't only get to watch excellence at play, we're also taken on a journey of self-introspection, reflection and reality check.

"Is'thunzi" is a South African teen drama television series created by Amanda Lane and set in the fast-paced world of South Africa's born-frees and in an age of wireless headphones, "dabbin" and memes, which follows the exploits of four girls who call themselves Ninjas.

It unpacks the complexities that teenagers are faced with from all walks of life and the choices they are forced to make on their journey to adulthood.

The main cast members, Winnie (Thuso Mbedu), Londi (Zikhona Bali), Noxolo (Yolanda Kgaka) and Thishiwe (Makgotso M) pursue their dreams and form a bond that will not only push them over the edge but also grow them in ways they could never have imagined.

If it were up to Twitter users, the cast and production team would receive SATMAs, Oscars, Emmys and every other award in between.

If you're still unsure what you may be missing out on, the video below should give you an idea:

Well done and thank you to the team at Rapid Blue and Mzanzi Magic, we look forward to crying, laughing and having some more conversations. We appreciate you.