20/10/2017 05:59 BST | Updated 20/10/2017 06:02 BST

Another Woman Claims Ferguson's Rapist Raped Her

A woman contacted Jennifer Ferguson and said the same thing happened to her.

Jennifer Ferguson.

Another woman was reportedly raped by Jennifer Ferguson's alleged rapist, The Herald reported on Friday. Ferguson, a former ANC MP, said this week that she was raped by a senior sports administrator and ANC politician in 1993. She told The Herald this week that another woman contacted her, claiming to have been raped by the same man.

Ferguson came forward this week, posting on Facebook and on her blog that the man followed her into her hotel room in Port Elizabeth in 1993 and raped her.

On Thursday, she reportedly said: "Just yesterday I got a message from somebody who experienced the same thing with him... I don't know if she will be ready to disclose... a relative of somebody in a very high position. It's a big step to step out."

Speaking on Stephen Grootes' talk show on Radio 702 on Thursday, Ferguson said she did not speak out about her rape out of revenge, but to start a dialogue about powerful men abusing their power.

"It is not just a kind of vendetta getting back at [him] that is not my interest... I'm hoping it will open a conversation"... Abuses are happening in the highest offices all over the place in schools, in churches in government in sports bodies," she said.

Meanwhile, the alleged perpetrator has gone to ground, according to The Times. He has not responded to phone calls, messages or visits to his home, and his employers and former employers have not responded, either.

Several publications have named the man and his name is known to HuffPost SA, but naming him would be in violation of the Press Code.

Ferguson reportedly said she was not sure whether she would open a case.

She said: "Part of healing is coming forward with the truth. If [he] could come forward in truth... and an apology... The TRC process started in 1994 and for all its flaws and shortcomings it was a revolutionary model... Who knows how he is processing this? Maybe there is going to be something good out of this."