What Your Poo Says About Your Health: Infographic Reveals What The Perfect Stool Looks Like

What Does Your Poo Say About Your Health?

The majority of us don't tend to think about our poo that often, let alone discuss our bowel movements with others.

Yet the shape and consistency of our stools can provide a fascinating insight into our health.

We spoke to Jo Travers, The London Nutritionist, for the low down on all things toilet-bound.

She told The Huffington Post UK: "The state of what comes out of us (vomit, poo, sneezes etc.) is often indicative of what's going on inside and what your body needs, so paying attention to these things is a good idea.

"For example, if you find yourself at the type 1or 2 end of the scale drinking more and including a bit more fruit and veg will usually make a big difference."

So before you next flush the loo, have a good look at the contents inside and find out what your poo says about you by consulting the infographic below.