27/11/2017 04:45 GMT

Black Mirror: First Trailers For Season 4 Are Here And, Yeah They're Creepy

Get ready to not trust your phone for another six months.


Remember that awesome feeling you get after you finish a really brilliant TV series? Well, that's... not quite the feeling you get after watching 'Black Mirror'.

In fact, you usually end up googling how to make sure your phone isn't spying on you before having to throw all your electronic devices into a lake. Or was that just us..?

The Emmy Award-winning series is returning for its fourth season with even more terrifying theories as to how our relationships with technology may take us down some dark paths in the near future.

The streaming service has released trailers for two episodes of the upcoming anthology series, 'Crocodile' and 'Arkangel'.

'Arkangel' stars Rosemarie Dewitt as a young mother who, after a brief scare of losing her daughter in a park, enrolls her in a trial of some kind of surveillance program. The trailer doesn't give much away but, like all good 'Black Mirror' stories, we're sure the program doesn't go exactly to plan.

The episode also stars Brenna Harding and Owen Teague, and was directed by Jodie Foster.

The second trailer for the episode 'Crocodile' features Andrea Riseborough, Andrew Gower and Kiran Sonia Sawar. It appears to be about a device that can access memories of past events as a young woman investigates an accident.

Knowing 'Black Mirror' everything will be find and work out just great, we're sure of it. Just kidding.

The rest of the episode titles were also released, including a 74-minute feature length episode titled 'USS Callister' which takes on a very retro 'Star Trek' vibe.

There's also 'Metalhead' a black and white thriller, 'Hang the DJ' which is a more comedic episode (or as comedic as 'Black Mirror' gets) and a 90-minute final episode titled 'Black Museum' which features three stories in one.

Netflix has yet to announce the start date for the fourth season of 'Black Mirror' so you still have time to pretend technology isn't completely terrifying. Everything is fine!!!