black mirror

The Undoing star recently collaborated with Charlie Brooker on the Netflix special Death To 2020.
The Netflix series' creator hosted the BBC panel show on Friday.
The Good Place actor had previously compared the Love Island host's new Channel 4 series to Black Mirror.
The Love Island host pointed out Jameela was passing comment on a show she hadn't even seen yet.
"Stoked on ambition and verve" as always, Ashley O performed On A Roll for the Glasto crowd.
Striking Vipers is the first episode of the Netflix show's fifth series.
She plays a pop singer in an episode titled Rachel, Jack And Ashley Too.
Including the highly-anticipated Tales Of The City, new Black Mirror and Jennifer Aniston's latest romp, Murder Mystery.
Charlie Brooker, the creator of the least hopeful show ever, expressed optimism for the future of modern society. The “Black Mirror” creator said he tends to get more optimistic as everyone else becomes pessimistic, as “it means everyone’s paying attention.”
And it sounds like there was a lot more at play than just people's critiques of 'Bandersnatch'.
"Some people are like ‘I don’t want to make decisions’... well f*** off, then."
Next time around, the characters will be picking their own cereal.
It's been out for three days so we're going to assume you've seen it. Yes, there are lots of spoilers here.
It looks like the most ambitious instalment of 'Black Mirror' yet.