02/01/2018 09:32 GMT

Spectacular Supermoon Gets 2018 Off To A Heavenly Start

A breathtaking way to begin the year.

What a way to welcome 2018!

A spectacular so-called “supermoon” rose high in the sky on New Year’s Day, and stargazers around the world were on hand to snap some truly stunning shots of the celestial display:

Toby Melville / Reuters
A passenger plane, with the moon seen behind, makes its final landing approach towards Heathrow Airport in London.
JUSTIN TALLIS via Getty Images
An airplane passes in front of the moon on its approach to London's Heathrow Airport.
Gary Hershorn via Getty Images
The supermoon rises behind the skyline of lower Manhattan and One World Trade Center in New York City.
Barcroft Media via Getty Images
The first supermoon of the year, as seen appearing in Leominster, England.
GIUSEPPE CACACE via Getty Images
The supermoon rises over a mosque in the Dubai Marina.

Supermoons happen “when a full moon occurs at or near the perigee,” per NASA. “It looks slightly larger and brighter than a typical full moon.”

The next supermoon, which has been dubbed a “super blue blood moon,” will rise on the night of Jan. 31.