new years

It begins. Do you feel it? The pressure of a new year, a would-be clean slate already scarred with the weight of expectation
If you want to celebrate Hogmanay in style, you need to add a few traditions to your party.
  Once the Christmas festivities are over, attention will quickly turn to New Year’s Eve. In Scotland, the celebrations are
Godt nytår. Frohes Neues Jahr. Buon anno. This video shows us how to say 'Happy New Year' in 27 languages. As the world unites
Since then all the phoney resolutions I used to make have all happened naturally. I eat more healthily because I have a family to care for and wonderful markets on my doorstep. I sleep more because I am at peace.
When the countdown for 2015 begins and the champagne is opened, the likelihood is that you'll probably just use your hands
Like Martin Luther King, I have a dream. It is a dream that recurs with alarming regularity, and when I reveal the nature of it, you will understand why it upsets me, although you can probably guess the nature of the dream from the headline.
We all know new year's resolutions are rarely kept, but we all insist on making them anyway - us included. Far from the normal