23/05/2018 06:09 BST | Updated 23/05/2018 06:09 BST

WATCH: 'This Isn’t Pakistan, Bitch': Video Captures Texas Driver’s Racist Rant

“This is America, dumbass.” In this apparent road-rage incident, a U.S. student is called a "terrorist", among other racist slurs.

Ali Alghamdi, a 24-year-old engineering student at Texas A&M University in the U.S., was running an errand early this month in Kingsville, Texas, when he noticed the car in front of him running a stop sign.

It was odd, Alghamdi told HuffPost, but not that uncommon. But as the car drove on, the driver kept slamming on the brakes, forcing Alghamdi to do the same. Alghamdi grew worried, he said.

Suddenly, the driver of the black Chevrolet swerved and blocked Alghamdi at a corner. A man stormed out of his car and began screaming racist profanities at Alghamdi, calling him a terrorist, the 24-year-old said.

That's when Alghamdi decided to start recording ― "in case something happened to me," he explained. He was worried the man might have a gun.

"I was just shocked; honestly, I was scared," Alghamdi said.

The video he filmed shows a man in a cowboy hat accusing Alghamdi of tailgating him. Alghamdi uploaded the footage to YouTube and submitted it to HuffPost's Documenting Hate project, a database that tracks incidents of hate and bias.

"This is America, dumbass," the driver can be heard saying halfway through the expletive- and slur-laden video below.

"You better learn how to drive in America," the man says. "This isn't Pakistan, bitch. This is not Pakistan, Afghanistan or Kuwait, motherfucker."

"What?" Alghamdi can be heard asking from his car. "Say that again."

"This is not Pakistan, Afghanistan or Kuwait. We have rules in this fucking country," the man rants, later adding, "You sound like a fucking Arab."

Almghadi said the driver eventually ended his racist tirade and got back into his car. But just when Alghamdi thought the encounter was over, he said, the man followed him to his destination, then spoke to a clerk while Alghamdi finished his errand. The man left shortly thereafter.

Minutes later, four police officers arrived and asked Alghamdi for identification, Alghamdi said.

When Alghamdi told the officers that he had recorded the entire incident, "I swear, that's when the whole process changed 180 degrees," he said. The police asked Alghamdi to file a police report and turn over the video so that they could look into what had happened.

By Monday, Kingsville police had identified the man in the video, though his name has not been publicly released. Officials will pursue disorderly conduct charges against him, Lt. Bradley Lile told HuffPost.

Photo provided by Ali Alghamdi
Ali Alghamdi, pictured, quickly realized that his run-in with an angry driver wasn't just a regular case of road rage; it was an incident motivated by hate.