He later edited the post and said it was not his intention to fuel xenophobia or target Chinese people.
White lawmakers, however, acknowledged that people generally assumed they were American.
President had tweeted a group of predominantly US-born congresswomen should “go back” to countries they came from.
A study finds that foreigners may be displacing jobless youth in starting small businesses, but an expert says the impact of foreign entrepreneurs is small.
'People destroyed my shack and took everything. They say they don’t want a kwerekwere to stay here.'
“This is America, dumbass.” In this apparent road-rage incident, a U.S. student is called a "terrorist", among other racist slurs.
In the last year, Dorota was twice attacked, once on a bus, and once at her school
Even the most shackled mind has the potential to be freed
The president has previously come under scrutiny for mocking others’ accents.
The Florida congressman called conditions in Haiti “disgusting.”