25/05/2018 09:56 BST | Updated 25/05/2018 09:56 BST

Dear Mama Africa: Your People Love You

Africans pay tribute to the motherland on Twitter.

hadynyah via Getty Images

Africans are celebrating the formation of the African Union (A.U.) — originally the Organisation of Africa Unity (OAU) back in 1963. For 54 years, this postcolonial African alliance has sought ways to bring about change and freedom throughout the continent and to restore dignity, security and prosperity to its peoples.

Love for Mama Africa, the cradle of humankind and human culture, is a recurring theme on social media, as Africans commemorate the anniversary under the hashtag #LoveLetterToAfrica.

Twitter user Antony Gitei (@Giteitony) summed up the prevailing mood when he said: "Mama Africa, you have been my source of strength and pride — with you I have found a place to call home. Your beauty is exceptional, Mama! Forever my love."