African Union

'In his forthcoming book, African Union Law, Femi Amao argues that Africa is on the cusp of a new continental legal order.'
'The scales of international trading need to be balanced with the world’s poorest nations, especially Africa, to achieve fairness.'
Africans pay tribute to the motherland on Twitter.
'The absence of strong coordination and political leadership in confronting regional issues by the A.U. may be part of the reasons why it might fail.'
Africa’s ambition has not matched that of other advanced nations.
There’s a great deal of evidence that migration boosts the economies of receiving countries.
A neuroendocrinologist and nanoscientist are been celebrated within the continent for achievements in their fields.
Trump tells African leaders that he looks forward to welcoming many of them to the White House.
South Africa wants the US to explain the White House's position on African nations.
"I beseech that you ensure we resist all pressure to grant diplomatic status to Morocco."