Africa Day

'This is the ideal time to harness Africa’s innovation potential and mobilise our people to act.'
Social media presents a powerful platform for creating multiple stories about Africa.
'The scales of international trading need to be balanced with the world’s poorest nations, especially Africa, to achieve fairness.'
Africans pay tribute to the motherland on Twitter.
We wish to draw attention to the plight of the asylum seeker and refugee women and highlight the epidemic of rape when used as a weapon of war.
Historically, it was imposed on black women as a badge of enslavement.
Too Congolese to be South African and too South African to be Congolese. So where would we find the response to the statement: “Go back to your country!”?
Mbeki's 'I am an African' speech laid the conceptual framework for what was articulated as the 'African Renaissance' and later still as 'Africa Rising'.
The enthusiasm in entrepreneurship in Africa hasn't translated to investment in high-growth sectors such as agriculture or construction.
I would love for this year to have more of a lasting impact, more than just new tailored outfits or new beads in the cupboard worn as costumes to events.