14/08/2015 07:46 BST | Updated 02/08/2016 06:59 BST

The Prejudice and Discrimination Faced By Islam in the UK

Humans have always been separated from each other and 'placed' into groups which were always created based on similarities. Unfortunately, these groups all began to get a reputation; one which was sometimes false and inaccurate and has thus resulted in the prejudice which we have today.

People who are different are always given labels, labels which then become a derogatory term used to separate and isolate other humans who are different, for example: having a different skin colour, different accent or even different sexual orientation. This discrimination is frequent, it's a fact! So why do humans feel the need to perform it? Why do we have a thirst for that feeling of superiority; to feel better than your neighbour?

In the United Kingdom everybody is discriminated or made to feel different during some point in their lives, maybe you were that kid who got teased for only having one parent? Or maybe you're that person who is being unfairly treated for being gay? OR, maybe you're that woman who is planning a family and so won't get that job because she is seen as a liability? Society ranks us. It's a fact.

But there is one group of people who are experiencing a different kind of discrimination, this group is Islam. Sure many people in the UK will refer and KNOW that it is racist to call that lady a 'chinky' or that man a 'paki' but they still do it. Still they feel the need to make sure the other person is below them in our social hierarchy of morons and so we discriminate. But derogatory language towards Islam has been taken to another whole new level-'TERRORIST!'

I'm sad to say that too many times have I heard and experienced my friends who follow the religion being automatically labelled as terrorists, there's just one thing I don't understand, why?

Ok, so if you are one of single minded folk who have nothing better to do than judge people you will have already answered my previous question with something along the lines of "they behead people", or if you're just plain ignorant..."They all wear bombs"

Why have you put a label on 21% of Earth's human population for which in places like America is punishable by death? You have just grouped over a fifth of the world's humans as terrorists, I still don't understand why.

So there are extremist groups that say they are fuelled by the writings of the Qur'an and Islam. You will most likely be familiar with ISIS, and rightly so! The actions which they have committed are despicable and sickening but let me give you some facts on this issue... there are estimated to be under 200,000 militia fighting for Islamic state. Now if you do the math it turns out that 0.0127% of the world's Muslims are part of ISIS. Sure there are other 'Islamic' extremist groups but these are so small in numbers that the percentage would not rise above 0.013% of the Muslim population, so why have you put a label on all of these people for such an extreme minority?

It also fascinates me that Christianity and Judaism doesn't get a bad name, I mean you surely have to know that between 1980-2005 only 6% of acts of Terror in the US were committed under the name of Islam which is significantly lower than that of Christian and Jewish extremists? Oh you didn't know? Yeah well to put it in a nutshell there are more Christians committing acts of terror than there are Muslims. For some reason I don't see you labelling your parish minister as terrorist...I wonder why?

Saying that, I have to reiterate that discrimination is wrong and sickening. People are extremely prejudice towards Islam, maybe they have a right to be wary due to current events, however, discrimination on this scale to 1.57bn people is out right disgusting. Why haven't the acts of the KKK or Adolf Hitler urged you to hate on Christianity? Why is it the wrong doing of Islam that has sparked your hatred?