Black students are disproportionately affected by underestimation of grades at the moment, and teachers and students fear this could disadvantage a generation.
Labour leader wants to educate members and supporters to drive the "poison" of anti-Jewish racism from the party.
What we need is the political will and courage to find refugees' stories, listen to them and amplify them over the deluge of bigotry
We must not let the prejudices and insecurities of ancient history shape the present
We should be careful with patriotism and never let it veer into prejudice and sneering bigotry towards others
Spider-Man is a meme for these times and what I think of when I see Melanie Phillips’ article about anti-Muslim bigotry and anti-Semitism
It’s the motto I’ll be teaching my kids, and it’s our only hope to ensure that prejudice will be something they only ever see in history textbooks