Five Easy Steps To Being Happy

30/08/2017 15:18 BST | Updated 30/08/2017 15:18 BST

Do you feel fulfilled on a daily basis? Not all day every day, because that's impossible, but at least part of the day?

Research has proven mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and burnout are all symptoms of discontent and feeling unsatisfied, because people simply aren't living their purpose.

If this is you, I have to tell you you're living your life in fear or you're living for everyone else's happiness but your own.

I understand this feeling too well as I spent years in a career as a nurse because it was safe. My true passion was performing and writing, however, coming from a grounded working class background, my mother feared I would never be able to make a good living as an actress or a writer and therefore a solid career in a respectable profession was the best option for me.

However, it was when I had my own children I really came to appreciate the importance of setting an example to make the most of life so you can be happy.

I believe life is a precious gift, and second best is never an option.

Our Society Lives in Fear

With all her best intentions my mother had taught me to fear the unknown, and to settle for the safety net of second best.

You shouldn't have to live your life in fear, you are worthy of living your dreams, and you were put on this earth to live your potential and purpose.

But it's up to you as an individual to bust through fear and social conditioning to seize your opportunity and live a life by your own design, not someone else's default.

Below are 5 easy steps to help you shed your fear based shackles so you can be happy:

Step 1 - Get super clear on what you love to do.

Reflect back to when you were a child, what games did you love to play? What were your favourite things to do but you haven't done since you became an adult? I have a clarity meditation (in my She Can Have It All Facebook community) which will help you get passed your fear, and start getting really clear and connected to your authentic self. Here you'll learn exactly what makes you happy so you can start taking action.

Step 2 - Take action without expectation. Start trying out new things that interest you, start playing again. Don't weigh your new interests down with thoughts of making money, pressures or expectations of having to become an expert or build an empire.

Start with just allowing yourself to enjoy your new found interest or purpose, see where it takes you. Be present and appreciate without building expectations. Take the pressure away and just have fun!

Step 3 - Live from your heart centre. Get out of your head, practice living in the moment by grounding yourself into your physical body. Take a moment to smell the coffee and taste the wonderful food. Be present in your life. Let go of the past, and stop worrying about, or trying to control the future

Step 4 - Let go of the need to strive, push and succeed. Say yes to doing things and spending time with people you love, and stand your ground and say no to things that drain you or make you unhappy.

Step 5 - Accept that you may just be average. Your purpose may not be to save the world, or be the best/ famous expert at whatever it is you love to do. This doesn't mean it's not your purpose. If it fills your heart with joy and makes you feel like you're living, not just existing, then this is your purpose.

Remember you don't have to have all the answers as to why your purpose is what it is, you just need to live it and be happy. Your happiness will change the world, even if you don't necessarily see it, others will feel it as it has a karmic knock on effect to all those around you, and that's what living your purpose is truly all about.