08/02/2016 12:48 GMT | Updated 08/02/2017 05:12 GMT

UK Dads Need More Baby Change Facilities in Public Places

You may remember, Ashton Kutcher kicking up a fuss (rightly so) about the lack of mens baby-changing facilities in public places. When dads are out with their baby, where are they supposed to change nappies when the only facility is behind the mystical portal into the world of the female lavatories?

Even more recently, you may have seen Scotty Schrier, again from the US, campaign for the same thing; more public places available to dads for changing their baby's nappy when out and about.

Men's public toilets have always been the kind of place you don't want to spend much time. Traditionally, they're disgustingly dirty and the kind of place you have to avoid making contact with any surface... even the flush.

However, times have seriously changed. Sure, you still get some filthy men's public toilets where it's obvious that men have been playing the 'see how high you pee above the urinal' game. But the norm is fast becoming clean spaces for men to go about their 'business.'

However, a mans 'business' has also changed. It's not just about peeing and pooing now. Men also need baby change facilities in public toilets in restaurants, cafes, soft play, swimming pools, hospitals and all public services. Why? Because, believe it or not but dads do in fact change their baby's nappy.

Recently, a dad from our network asked in his local hospital if there was somewhere he could change his baby's nappy. In his words, this is what happened...

I was told it's in the ladies with a heavy undertone of 'why would you want to change a nappy?' I then asked where dads were expected to change babies to which I was told, 'You can ask a nurse if you can use a side room but don't bank on them allowing you.' I ended up changing him in a quietish corridor...At the time I was so shocked I didn't say anything but have since thought about it and am disgusted that I was put in that predicament.

That's right! One of the UK's finest NHS hospitals, doesn't have the facilities for dads to change their baby's nappy! Appalling!

What on earth is going on? If we're serious about this whole equality thing then things have got to change. There needs to be safe, clean places for dads to change their baby's nappy, just as a basic parental right. If establishments want our custom, they need to provide the correct service.

So rather than just rant, we're actually doing something about it.

We're starting #dadsforchange campaign. Our goal, to make sure that every public service in the UK has a facility for both mums and dads to change their baby's nappy.

We've created a space for people to share and find the dad friendly change facilities in the UK.

It's simple. Upload the details of the dad friendly (or unfriendly) facilities. That will then be plotted onto our nationwide map.

The map can be used to see the dad friendly facilities near you.

We feel that it's important to name and shame those establishments that haven't joined the 21st century and still think that dads don't change nappies. If we want to see a genuine change in our towns and cities, businesses have to realise that dads have babies too.

Look out public services... we're coming to your establishment to change nappies! Will you make it onto our nappy good list of nappy bad list?