07/05/2012 18:30 BST | Updated 07/07/2012 06:12 BST

Embarking on Making My First Movie 'Kubricks' and My Possible Return to the Music Industry

Well interesting times indeed, Sarkozy dumped and a massive swing to the right in Greece and the French election (just like our own) is sort of pointless. It is basically a rigged game to see who gets to tell the population the bad news! Although the Greece election is a little more interesting as it is an out-and-out vote against austerity. Then we have Ireland who joined the European Union and got completely stuffed, however they were not thrown to the dogs as 'the globalists' have a lot of their money parked up in Ireland, luckily! Amongst all this we have Iceland, who nobody seems to talk about, they have charged the people who got them into their financial mess with criminal proceedings, but the 'lame-stream' media don't report this! As I say, interesting times.

Escalier 39, my new film company with Dean Cavanagh, makes its first real-life movie next month Kubricks which will be shot in the grounds of my gaff in Wales; where I have 11 acres to mess about in so it should be fun! Dean Cavanagh is both writer and director but will also star in the film alongside Matt Berry, Joanna Pickering, Gavin Bain, Anton Newcombe (via Skype!) and of course yours truly. Some other characters such as John Robb, Texas Bob, Alex Lowe and Harry Mulligan will all be down for an appearance amongst others. It's going to be a fun few days! Should you wish check out the website which explains the concept of the film go to

We finally came to agreement and signed a book deal with Macmillan Publishing. Weirdly, there was some kind of bidding war during which we only parted with the UK and the Commonwealth. I am writing it with one of my best friends Harry Mulligan, who is also a shrink - so the outcome will be at the very least unique.

I have also just finished the 23 paintings with Alex Lowe who I also went and played records for in Sheffield last week. I am in the middle of working out all 23 sigils for the paintings, I have 11 so far which Alex has and he'll be shaping them to include in the paintings. We will premiere all 23 paintings in the film Kubricks next month then probably do an event at Smart Art Gallery in Sheffield before the end of the year and sell them on to people out there who are interested in art and memorabilia.

After Sheffield last week I came out of hibernation and last weekend found myself in Norway and Sweden. I love Oslo and the Norwegian people. In fact I love it so much I'm thinking about buying a flat there! I got in a couple of DJ gigs in Sweden and as for Gothenburg, I have to say - I salute all who attended as it was a particularly mad night.

The musical with Irvine Welsh and Dean Cavanagh now looks back on and as I write meetings are being put in place to get it moving along, so we shall see how progress goes on that one. Speaking of meetings, I am also going to meet some people in Japan who want to bring me back into music. If I'm honest, I am torn on this but at the same I feel it's almost a public duty to cause chaos in the world of Simon Cowell and co. On the flip side, though I do love life in Wales doing my book/film/paintings but with the musical idea now looking likely, then I think why not go and take the meeting and sign up some big bands without deals and the new things out there that I love? The upside also is whilst there in Japan, I will see Noel (Gallagher) play the Budokan and Primal Scream play to 40,000 people at a festival. Plus, they say I can sign who I want and they seem to have the cash so in my book it's worth a little look at least.

Currently reading Jack Parsons Freedom is a Two Edged Sword - the guy is a genius - he basically invented NASA. Check him out.