Scottish Independence Is Coming - It's Not If It's When!

The priority now is to build up the SNP, make sure it gets a big majority in the next election and then have another referendum.

The independence issue is only going one way. How long it takes will be decided by various factors.

The Red Tories are finished in Scotland. Their policies may have some rationale in a Westminster context, but in Scotland, no one wants to know, especially after the referendum.

The imminent return of a majority Tory government, with the policies outlined at their conference, is making a large number of NO voters realise that they have again been landed with a government (and a fucking evil one at that) that they didn't vote for and are poles apart from.

Meanwhile, in Glasgow, new members of the SNP have been turned away from attending meetings, because the venues were jam-packed, and as full as a banana! I feel the next conference will have to change to a larger venue. As someone said on Facebook, let's make it Wembley and we can get the goalposts again!

And a large pro-indy rally is being held this weekend in George Square, under the banner of "HOPE NOT FEAR". A lot of Yes voters shall be attending, and according to the Facebook pages, a considerable amount of NO voters have already seen the light and defected. And this is to be encouraged, that 6% swing has to be gained and then some. The 45 is growing, that trickle will turn into a deluge.

Failure to deliver on the referendum pledges is inevitable, and even if the 'powers' are granted they are meaningless as a right to set income tax with consequent Barnett reduction gives us no more money to address the problems of austerity and inequality without ridiculous levels of income tax.

All this was predicted and 45% of the electorate understood this. Among the 55% many also did, but decided to remain with the status quo. Many now will feel cheated.

A Tory/UKIP coalition, or a majority Tory government, of the type we saw in action at their conference is very much a grim reality, despite the claims of the NO campaign pre-referendum.

It is all coming to pass, independence is certainly NOT dead. There are many who will move to the independence camp now. Few will go back to the union.

The SNP delivered more in the short period of time that they have had power than anything the RT's has achieved for Scotland in 30 or more years prior; Salmond placed the class traitorism of Labour in the spotlight and effected socially improving policies in the face of a disgraceful, spite-filled Tory party. He knew when to take the honourable action; something which the Westminster careerists and the bitches of big business and the whores of warmongers don't even blush over as they mutter trite mea culpas for their failures yet carry on as before.

"A house divided cannot stand", said Abraham Lincoln, and Scots need to remember this today. The Tories, with their Red chums following saying "Me too, me too!" are systematically demolishing the welfare state. Already, if you have a serious disability such as multiple sclerosis, you cannot expect to get a pittance from the state: you are out on the street. This is the UK we live in now, not the distinguished old country it is often thought of as still. A country that has abandoned all social conscience.

This is about getting out, not staying in. It is madness to hope that with some legislative autonomy Scotland will be safe from the new savage Tory order fast taking shape in the rest of the UK - the food bank and street begging Britain of Iain Duncan Smith (a Scotsman, ironically).

The priority now is to build up the SNP, make sure it gets a big majority in the next election and then have another referendum.

And Cameron now challenging Nicola to honour a pre-referendum pledge that the vote would decide the referendum question for a generation shows that Westminster are now experiencing squeaky bum syndrome.

Let's see you honour your 'vow' first Cameron. That now supercedes the Edinburgh agreement...

Or have you forgotten about that already?

Unless devo max (full fiscal autonomy) is delivered, Scotland will be perfectly within its rights to demand another referendum.

David Cameron knows little of Scotland, nor really cares. Elections are not won, or lost in Scotland. They are won in the south east of England, where the bulk of the population live. He must keep them happy to get re-elected next year. The Conservatives and Unionist Party in Scotland have problems, one MP and his jacket is on a shoogly nail and only 15 MSPs, mostly 'list' MSPs, including their leader, Ruth Davidson (who is being investigated by Police Scotland over her postal votes statement on the BBC just before the results started coming in). The chances of Scotland returning pro Unionist MPs or MSPs diminish with every day agreement on 'powers' to Holyrood pass with no result.

All it does is leave Scotland with a distrust of Westminster and it's politicians, while the SNP, delivering what it promised, gains all the time in Scotland.

The latest opinion polling in Scotland shows a massive swing to SNP with the Red Tories on course to lose half its scottish seats. This on paper would make the SNP larger than the Lib Dems in Westminster - and the SNPs position is clear, they will not enter into coalition with any party in Westminster and will vote against the government of the day all the time over every issue and in short paralyse Parliament.

It is not Nicola Sturgeon who will decide that there is to be another referendum. Nor is it the SNP or even the Scottish Government. And it certainly isn't David Cameron.

Imagine in May the largest number of Scottish MPs going to Westminster to represent the SNP.

Couple that with the real possibility of the need to strike deals with fringe parties to make government work in the UK.

I think you'll find that there are some serious cards to play for in Scotland.

Independence will arrive, within our lifetime - Westminster's bubble has burst. The game's a bogey.

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