16/12/2014 01:18 GMT | Updated 14/02/2015 05:59 GMT

Top Four Books For an Adventurer's Christmas Stocking

This Christmas, the adventurers amongst us will be gazing out of the snow splattered windows, plotting. If we're not currently on an adventure then we know that Christmas is the time for rest and relaxation. This rejuvenation is key as we plot, in our own special way, to take over the world with our hair-brained adventures.

As us adventurers start planning, we seek inspiration. Here are my top five books, perfect to read while curled up on that snowy Christmas day next to a log fire, that provide the inspiration for anyone that has even the slightest inclining for adventures. They all give a glimpse into a life that many of us dream of.

Disclaimer: I know all of the authors personally. Am I biased when I recommend these books? Probably. Do I know that they're totally awesome and a must-have on every adventurers bookshelf? Absolutely.

Above All Else by Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld

This is an incredible story. As the subtitle says, it's about fear, adversity and success. And when Tony Robbins endorses it, you really should sit up and take note. Dan has lived a remarkable life. A life he took back after narrowly surviving a plane crash in which 16 of the 22 people on board died - he ended up in a coma for 6 weeks with a series of life changing injuries.

Dan overcame adversity. He won multiple World Championships, organised a world record and is a loving and devoted father - an incredible combination. Dan shares how he achieved this and how you can use these techniques in your life. An amazing story and plenty of lessons to learn. Get the book here on Amazon.

Confessions Of An Idiot by Chris McDougall

Chris McDougall, known to his friends as Douggs, has one goal in life - have more fun than anyone else. I believe that, so far, he has achieved this. You might not agree with his methods, you might think he's particularly mad, but it's an astounding story. Along with all these highs, there are some tragic lows. Douggs is amazingly frank and honest along his journey. There's sex, drugs and a little bit of rock n roll. There's also a hint of scandal around a British politician.

This is not some embellished story. As I type this I read Douggs' Facebook updates - he has recently returned to his base in the Swiss mountains from an adventure-packed tour of Asia, Australia and New Zealand before teaching people to BASE jump across 3 countries in Europe. Get the paperback version directly from his website (there's only a few copies still available) or the kindle version on Amazon here.

Sugar Alpha by Roger and Melissa Nelson

Sugar Alpha is the name of the plane that Roger Nelson infamously used at the dropzone he owned and for a multitude of international drug runs. Drafted by Roger, after spending time in prison, and finished by his daughter, Melissa - a champion skydiver - after his untimely death, this book shows an incredible glimpse into skydiving and drug running. It's stuff you only see and hear about in the movies - in fact, the story is so incredible that the publishers are currently in talks with Hollywood.

There are adventures at all levels, both in the air and on the ground, corruption, teamwork, adversity and numerous life and death situations across international borders. You won't want to put this one down. Get it on Amazon here.

Perfect Madness by Alastair Macartney

This list can't be complete without me unashamedly plugging my latest bestselling book - Perfect Madness. It's an easy read full of life lessons that break down barriers and is ideal for adventurers that strive to make the impossible possible.

There are lessons such as Normal Is For Freaks and The Dragon Won't Eat You. If you want to tackle fear, redefine possible or develop your future while escaping the confines of conformity then get this book on Amazon here.

Christmas Reading

Make sure you pick up at least one of these books this Christmas, if not all of them. And, when you've read them, help the authors out by leaving a review - they really make a difference and will help others find some of these inspiring books.

Merry Christmas.