16/02/2015 06:51 GMT | Updated 15/04/2015 06:59 BST

Why is Easter Revision so Important?

The Easter break without doubt is the most important time of year for all students in the U.K. Whether you're sitting GCSE's, iGCSE's, A-levels or Pre-U. It's an 'all or nothing' period. With exams just around the corner and time running out, students need to be economical with their time and energy.

That makes the Easter holidays the key time for students to really knuckle down and get on with their revision, especially if they haven't already. For some students the retention of subject information is good throughout the year, and therefore they won't need to revise for more than a couple of hours each day. However, there are those that struggle either because they haven't applied themselves effectively throughout the year or because they genuinely find learning harder than other students.

Why is revising at Easter so important?

Competition for places at Secondary Schools, (for those sitting their GCSE's) Colleges and Universities, (for those taking their A-level and Pre-U exams) is more intense now than ever, with more emphasis placed on higher grades and fewer places available.

Now, more than ever, is the time for students to get it right.

Year on year at Tutor House we have had an increase in demand for private tuition and revision courses over the Easter, Summer and Christmas holidays.

The purpose of Easter revision courses is to motivate each student, boost their confidence and therefore maximise their examination performance.

The three objectives of Easter revision courses are:

● Subject Revision that concentrates on the core features and key facts, patterns and principles of each subject and areas of particular difficulty, giving students renewed confidence and motivation.

● Exam Technique to build the confidence of students so they can demonstrate to the examiner the knowledge and skills appropriate to their maximum potential grade. Interpretation of questions, essay writing and problem solving are just some of the areas covered, guiding students towards higher quality answers.

● Exam Practice is important too. We must ensure students perform to their highest abilities under exam conditions. Their progress should be monitored closely as tutors assess each students' strengths and weaknesses.

An Easter revision course will provide a variety of benefits. You will gain key exam tips, an understanding of how to tackle exam questions, how to effectively answer them, how to condense notes and how to systematically revise.

It's worth shopping around to find the most suitable revision course for you. There are many out there, all offering different things.

Easter Revision Courses - Where is best?

Ultimately wherever you undertake your Easter Revision course this year, you will greatly benefit from it.

Easter is a key time of year and a week or two of extra intense revision can make all the difference. It's a good opportunity to focus on areas that you don't understand, subjects you fear and anything you are worried about, tackle them head on - don't leave them untouched! Easter Revision is 'all or nothing.'

In our experience these courses, which focus on exams and how to improve your grades, really do help. We have seen countless students arrive with poor grade predictions and without a hope in the world, only to leave two weeks later a confident, energized and capable student.

What you need to ask before booking your Easter revision course:

● Who will be running the classes?

● What experience do they have?

● When will the revision course take place?

● What is the environment like?

● What will the course cost me?

● What will I gain from the course?

What are your options?

Many schools across the UK offer their own Easter revision courses, although we would not suggest to do this at your current school, as you will returning to the same environment and surroundings, where your learning may not be at it's best!

Many private tutoring agencies also offer tailored revision courses too, with access to highly experienced teachers and tutors during Easter. They will usually have smaller classes as well, compared to schools.

Finally, some companies such as Revise and Ski offer tailored revision packages for families with students studying during the Easter holiday period. Nice idea as families need not miss out on their annual ski holidays, and students get the best of both worlds.