gcse results

Students up and down the country will be waking up to feelings of dread so the last thing they need is a random person on Twitter making one of these unhelpful comments. A Level results determine student’s chances of getting into university and no matter what your thoughts are on exams, Ucas, clearing or in fact anything, we suggest that for now you just keep them to yourselves.
Pupils across the country are picking up their results this morning.
What a year that was!
With Year 11s moving onto the next stage of their lives, it’s important to remember things that we leave behind - some of
Results day morning, Twitter is full of tweets from panicked and sleep deprived students, the existentialists are asking
'I got an E in GCSE dance but that doesn't stop me after 4 vodkas.'
GCSE results day is undoubtedly a stressful time. Whether you’re worrying about the new grading system, or how you’re going
Firstly, will the new system itself be judged as a success or a failure? This year's students will be receiving a somewhat confusing spread of number and letter grades. The claim for a new GCSE system was that it would help drive up standards. The tougher subject specifications were meant to make courses more demanding.