GCSE Results Day 2017: A Round Up Of Twitter's Most Hilarious Advice For GCSE Students

'I got an E in GCSE dance but that doesn't stop me after 4 vodkas.'

GCSE results day is undoubtedly a stressful time. Whether you’re worrying about the new grading system, or how you’re going to explain that D in physics to your parents, nerves are pretty high.

But saviour that it is, Twitter has come to the rescue with some hilarious (and highly dubious) pieces for advice for students who perhaps didn’t do as well as they were hoping.

Breakfast show presenter Emma Louise Jones tweeted: “For anyone worrying about their GCSE results... I got an ‘E’ in GCSE dance, but that doesn’t stop me after four vodkas on a Saturday night”.

And Jones wasn’t the only one - dozens of others also offered ‘sage’ advice to any stressed out 16-year-olds:


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